Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Looking Down- Riverside"
 This painting has been living in my head for a few months. The 'Daily Paintworks' challenge is getting these out and making me work! This little pastel is 8 x 10 ". I love this little valley in the high desert. It is an oasis in the dry, sandy hills.
  I am headed for Jordan Valley for another "paint till you drop" weekend. The drive last week was fantastic. I had to stop several times to photograph the landscape  as the sun came up. I was a little unprepared last week- just grabbed my chalk and ran. This week I am making my 'dirty greek' salad.   Soooo much garlic...keeps the artists happy and focused. (no one hangs around for a chat!) 
Did I mention these paintings are all for sale? This original is $50. You can contact me directly or view these works on " kerns-2519" or go to 'whats new' or 'search all art' and purchase through paypal.

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