Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the narrow's view- fall.
Today's painting is a skyscape looking east from the narrows. 
These scenes are simply how I feel about this land and sky we inhabit. "The exhilarating freedom of space" in the high desert.
The last three skyscapes I have completed all include a partial appearance of Wright's Point. Of course if you choose a view of this basin- Wright's Point can be a part of it 80% (or so) of the time!
  I love that Wright's Point is a geologic form called 'inverted topography'. Fantastic isn't it! The ridge used to be a river bed and lava flowed down it, cooled, the surrounding soil eroded and wa-lah!
Inverted topography - I think that term describes the hard scrabble inhabitants of this sea of sagebrush and lava rock beaches. We can not live here on a day-to-day, month-to-month, year-to-year basis and not- invert. We have to look inside for what sustains us.  We must seek our soul.  We must nourish it.
the narrow's view- fall.      pastel   7" x14"

Monday, January 30, 2012

The sun is shining. The wind is hardly blowing. The dogs a re all excited because we are going to start up the tractor and feed the cows! The dog's job is to keep the cows out of the hay yard, keep cows from eating hay that has not been pitched from  the wagon, keep cows from getting 'an attitude'. (these rules written by....the dogs of course)
Corb is my son Mark's dog. He is a stock dog mix. When a Mark started a new job in Wy. a year ago his new little wife was still busting her brain finishing up her degree. Mark's only companion and helper was Corb. It was a rainy wet spring, as you might remember, and the road to and from Mark's new headquarters was washed out many days several different times. His job was to be moving a couple sets of just calved out heifers to new pastures- by himself. Luckily he had his trusty partner and several head of horses! The heifers were snots but 'Corby' tuned them up. The sun came back out. Wife graduated with honors and got moved to the ranch. Life is good- with dogs in it.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I will now be know as that girl that does all them chicken paintin's!  I have been referred to as a 'back painter'. "You know - she paints them folks with their back to ya. Not their fronts just the backs. She's a back painter."said the erudite hay-broker. Thanks.
So there we go- one of them chicken painters!
Chickens are the greatest shapes and colors. They are a happy place to be on those winter days when we are all just trying to stay out of the wind. 
I am getting my pallete organized. I have read about different pastelists and their carefully laid-out,foam lined tackle boxes. Warm to cool colors, tones of those colors....blah,blah...Well guess who's got a fairly well laid out cardboard box, tackle box and assorted little store boxes at her command-- that's right..I'm on it like stink on a wet dog! PLUS, I need more colors! I am seeing the light!!!
More color baby!!
Keep your seat belt on -- we are going to put some zing out there. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

harney county sky - december
I was headed out of town one evening last month- tired, grumpy and wanting Scotty to 'beam me home'. This sky was my reward for making the drive. We are soooo blessed to live in a region where blue skies and cloudscapes are the norm in the winter months!  This piece is 9" x 9 "pastel on acid free mat board. 

Pastels are made up of pure pigment with a minimum of binder - and so can produce light, many dimensional works. These are chalk pastels and thus-- chalky. I have found that fixatives dampen and dull my pastels so I hardly ever use them past the first stages of a painting. Today I am going to pack up two of these little gems to head to new homes and am sort of remembering... about how time consuming it can be......packing pastel works so that they will not be damaged in shipping! Can't just roll them up and stuff them in a shipping tube!
Safe travel little roosters!

Went on a little landscape tour yesterday. Had some good light.  Saw some folks moving cattle closer to home for feeding and pre-calving care.  Got semi-paralyzed by cloud reflections on Dry lake (over by the round barn). I couldn't tell where sky, water and I ended.  Fabulous.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Blustery rooster.

blustery rooster
Been a bit windy around here lately. I am having quite a bit of fun with the chickens. Learning about photographing my work. I am not completely happy with the color representation. the blues in this piece are more turquoise, the yellow-warmer- more yellow. the red in the comb- oranger, warmer again. I guess I am cutting out some yellow in my process. Great, another opportunity for me to learn! Feel free to suggest techniques to me.
I do like Mr. Rooster's attitude today. 
Linda and I did have a great weekend painting and eating nasty, garlicy salad. I have lots of new pieces to post and am going to try to 'transfer a widget'. Really, it sounds more fun than I have found it to actually be.
Thank you for your comments and applause.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Bachelor #2
8x8" pastel 
Bachelor # 2   struttin' his stuff.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Looking Down- Riverside"
 This painting has been living in my head for a few months. The 'Daily Paintworks' challenge is getting these out and making me work! This little pastel is 8 x 10 ". I love this little valley in the high desert. It is an oasis in the dry, sandy hills.
  I am headed for Jordan Valley for another "paint till you drop" weekend. The drive last week was fantastic. I had to stop several times to photograph the landscape  as the sun came up. I was a little unprepared last week- just grabbed my chalk and ran. This week I am making my 'dirty greek' salad.   Soooo much garlic...keeps the artists happy and focused. (no one hangs around for a chat!) 
Did I mention these paintings are all for sale? This original is $50. You can contact me directly or view these works on "dailypaintworks.com/artist/mdavies kerns-2519" or go to 'whats new' or 'search all art' and purchase through paypal.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 1.

Got the little rooster rounded up. In the camera, in the laptop, in the blog..who'd of thought! Pastels have been on the menu this week. Spent the weekend painting with fellow artist Linda Davies Gage. Will have lots of new work to share with you. This little rooster is going to show up a lot. He has lots of personality and likes to sleep in our porch. This piece is titled "Bachelor #1."

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