Monday, January 30, 2012

The sun is shining. The wind is hardly blowing. The dogs a re all excited because we are going to start up the tractor and feed the cows! The dog's job is to keep the cows out of the hay yard, keep cows from eating hay that has not been pitched from  the wagon, keep cows from getting 'an attitude'. (these rules written by....the dogs of course)
Corb is my son Mark's dog. He is a stock dog mix. When a Mark started a new job in Wy. a year ago his new little wife was still busting her brain finishing up her degree. Mark's only companion and helper was Corb. It was a rainy wet spring, as you might remember, and the road to and from Mark's new headquarters was washed out many days several different times. His job was to be moving a couple sets of just calved out heifers to new pastures- by himself. Luckily he had his trusty partner and several head of horses! The heifers were snots but 'Corby' tuned them up. The sun came back out. Wife graduated with honors and got moved to the ranch. Life is good- with dogs in it.

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