Monday, March 3, 2014

more......March 2014

Title- "Diamond Trees"                                                                           6"x14" chalk pastel on sanded paper

Title- "Garlic Looked Good Today"                                       6.5"x 7" chalk pastel on sanded paper

new works for earth & vine show march 2014 cont....

 Title- " Malheur Lake Storm Clouds II"    11" x 14" pastel on sanded paper

 Title-" Malheur Lake Storm Cloud III"       10" x14" pastel on sanded paper
 Title- "Malheur Lake Storm Clouds I"        9" x14" pastel on sanded paper

 Title- "Silvies River Willows"                             pastel on sanded paper

 Title-"Clouds with Black Butte and Hay Field"                    pastel on sanded paper

 Title "The Path to Blanche's"                                                         pastel on sanded paper

Title- "Red Pear Love"                             pastel on suede mat board

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

works for March show at Earth & Vine Baker City, Oregon

This is one of my favorite views in the Baker Valley. We are looking up Pine Creek at Rock Creek Butte. I love hay fields and this one works nicely to lead you into the mid-ground of the painting. I am always challenged when portraying the Elkhorn Mountains. Expressing their mass and presence is just not easily done..I can attest to in many earlier paintings! I am happy with this piece and will be showing it in Baker City the month of March. It is also available at my '' site.
This is a chalk pastel painting on sanded pastel paper. 9.5x 14 inches (unframed)

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