Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I will now be know as that girl that does all them chicken paintin's!  I have been referred to as a 'back painter'. "You know - she paints them folks with their back to ya. Not their fronts just the backs. She's a back painter."said the erudite hay-broker. Thanks.
So there we go- one of them chicken painters!
Chickens are the greatest shapes and colors. They are a happy place to be on those winter days when we are all just trying to stay out of the wind. 
I am getting my pallete organized. I have read about different pastelists and their carefully laid-out,foam lined tackle boxes. Warm to cool colors, tones of those colors....blah,blah...Well guess who's got a fairly well laid out cardboard box, tackle box and assorted little store boxes at her command-- that's right..I'm on it like stink on a wet dog! PLUS, I need more colors! I am seeing the light!!!
More color baby!!
Keep your seat belt on -- we are going to put some zing out there. 

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