Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Title- 'Jason'
I recently received my yearly Oregon Watercolor Society member information and prospectus for upcoming competitions. I have been primarily focused on pastels these past few weeks but whenever I revisit my watercolors I am reminded why I am drawn to them. They are luminous, and when using heavier paper(as I do), light enters the layers of pigment and then is reflected back to the viewer. Pastels are similar in that they are ground, pure pigment layered on to a surface. If not blended too heavily they  allow the penetration of light among the pigment particles and are also 'luminous'. Now you know why a painting may move you more than a simple photographic image. Perhaps.
Watercolor- I have been a signature member of the Or. Watercolor Society  since 1999. Members are juried into the organization and I was very honored when I was accepted. I am not a active member(workshops, competitions..) because 95% of the activities occur on the west side of our state. Sound familiar? I suppose that is just a lame excuse, but wherein I enjoy being a part of a group of creative people celebrating watercolor works I don't seem to crave the rest of the party. 
It is becoming difficult  to ignore the paintings that come to me in watercolor. Here's to new challenges and `returning to flowing, drifting, glazes of clear pigments loosed onto ,white, deep papers.
'Jason' is created from winsor newton watercolors applied to 280# rag winsor newton paper. 13" x 20".

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