Friday, February 3, 2012

south to lakeview
Friday- I am posting today's painting and a little amazed that the paintings keep rolling. I am enjoying the process of posting each day. just enough expectation that i get it done, and i feel cheated if i don't get one out. this piece is 8" x 10". soft pastel on sanded, acid free mat board.

 i have my studio up and running. i do enjoy painting at the dining room table, but i don't think ingesting pastel dust with meals is groovy.
i was going to muck out my studio/closet in the north bedroom upstairs. no heat and only one working outlet. this problem was slowly morphing into wes' problem so he did what he does best- solved the issue without having to be involved in the process! we have a small office space downstairs (in proximity to the wood stove), with a north facing window. i had been needing to excavate that space for months and...well, painting space!  moved my worktable out of the storage shed. it is tall enough to allow me to stand and paint. if i don't stand my paint strokes get tinier and tinier, and tighter and tighter. it also reminds me to step away from my work frequently. i do have an easel but i  scrub and smooth with my fingers and feel a lot more stable on a table surface.
happy days all.

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